CARGO NET GROUP offers full consultancy services for export brokerage, including the best variety of freight alternatives for clients to reach new foreign markets. This service includes customs documentation handling and an efficient logistic of international transport.

» Tariff classification.
» Management of Shipper´s Export Declaration documents.
» Direct and/or consolidated cargo delivery.
» Advise on export insurance policies.
» Freight quotes.
» Inland freight and transportation.
» Packaging and packing assistance.
» Labeling.
» Issuance of Bills of Lading and/or Air Way Bills.
» Ship’s or plane’s cargo hold booking.
» Refund claims and follow-ups.
» Full cargo tracking and monitoring.
» Advise on special regulations.


CARGO NET GROUP´s extensive and flexible organization enables to coordinate fast and reliable import operations worldwide. Through an extensive network of international agents who have extensive knowledge of the specific requirements on every location, we are able to guarantee immediate solutions and considerable logistical support.

Taking into consideration each customer’s needs, the company renders the following services:

» Importación definitiva.
» Imports for consumption.
» Temporary admissions.
» Consolidated shipment.
» Warehousing.
» Tariff classification.
» Cargo insurance policies.
» Import advise and strategies.
» Arrival notifications.
» Air or sea container unpacking.
» Distribution and inland freights.
» Delivery of documents.
» Authorizations, permits and certificates processing.
» Controlled customs release processes.
» Customized information service.